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1501 Broadway Ste 710, New York NY 10036

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November 18th, 2022 at 7:30pm ET


The Mary Rodgers Room, 1501 Broadway Ste 710, New York, NY 10036


When a turncoat Fortune Teller is caught red handed by a jealous King, he barters state secrets for his freedom, while the fate of the crown, and Mankind, hangs in the balance. In this modern retelling of the Prometheus story,  the imprisoned god of foresight baits a trap with a deadly secret, to save himself and his children from the tyranny of Almighty Zeus. Wielding his thunderbolt, King Zeus must know, at any cost, what woman will bear him a son to seize his crown. Can they bargain? Will Prometheus get free and save us all? Everything goes wrong when Prometheus is betrayed, his friends can’t help, and Zeus puts cruelty over compromise. But then, with endurance, a crafty double-cross, self-serving teamwork, and a dose of luck, Prometheus turns many wrongs into a great right: freedom. Maybe.


Audience Capacity: 45


Additional Info: Doors open between 7:15pm and 7:25pm. Masks are required, proof of vaccination is required. 

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