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From the Maestra Replay Collection: "I think figuring out the tentposts of a story (which should also be the MUSICAL tentposts) is something that composers should fight to be a part of the conversation about and I think sometimes composers feel like they're supposed to take a backseat on. " -- Kait Kerrigan


Kait will join us after the Replay for a live Q&A.


View Kait's Maestra profile HERE.


Can't make the live replay? Rent the original workshop HERE.


Maestra presents our Fall 2022 Virtual Technical Workshop Series. These classes and workshops are open to all genders, all skill sets, and all levels of expertise. If you want to be here, you are welcome. There is a suggested donation to offset the cost of the workshops and the hiring of the teachers, but there is no official charge. We want all who would like to attend online to be able to do so.


We will be recording most of the classes in this series, so by signing up to participate you are giving your consent to be part of the video archive, which could be re-broadcast or used for Maestra's future marketing.


Maestra Music, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN 83-3439518, incorporated on Jan 29, 2019. Tax-deductible donations can also be made at


To watch any of our previous Maestra Virtual Technical Workshops, please check out our video replays page on Vimeo.

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