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Please join us on Wednesday, June 1 at 7pm for a DG Footlights™ reading of Trouble in Any Language by Edmund Sabato.


Two Italian brothers are coal miners in West Virginia during Prohibition. Phil avoids trouble and quietly saves his money to bring his wife over to join him. Joe enjoys wine, women, and America, and is a constant source of worry for his brother. Together they must deal with a new culture, a shady sheriff, a determined landlady, and a violent, jealous resident of their boarding house.


Running Time: 90 minutes (approximately)


Rated PG for occasional ethnic slurs, suggested violence, offstage gunfire.


Social issues: Language hurdles, anti-immigrant and ethnic prejudice, cultural assimilation challenges, breaking traditional gender expectations for the time period.


DG Footlights™ is a program, created and moderated by the Dramatists Guild, that connects dramatists with free space in which to hold a public reading of a new work that is currently in development. This initiative operates on a space-grant model: a representative from the Guild will arrange for a venue to donate space during allocated dates and times, and will ensure that the space is available for dramatists to use to present a self-produced reading to the public, with an optional feedback session following the reading.


Attendance is always free and open to all.


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